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QA /QC Statement Of Policy

Planet Protection Services has implemented a Quality Control Program for asbestos analysis.  The program serves a source of guidance in maintaining an assuring the highest degrees of accuracy and precision in analytical results.  The documentation of this system will serves as an educational tool for new employees and will reflect changes in the organization and changes in technology.

The Following is a general list of policies Planet Protection Services has adopted for its Asbestos Analysis Quality Control Program.   The guidelines used to establish these policies were established by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and are mandatory in the analysis of air for asbestos fiber contamination.

  1. All policies and procedures apply to all analysts in all locations of Planet Protection Services

  2. Planet Protections Services uses NIOSH Method 7400A for PCM Analysis.

  3. All equipment, including personal sampling pumps, phase contrast microscopes involved in analysis of asbestos are on a regular calibration schedule.

  4. All microscopes used for asbestos analysis meet the OSHA and NIOSH criteria specifications and are mantained at these specifications.

  5. Planet Protection Services has established Intralaboratory and Interlaboratory Quality Control Programs for asbestos analysis.

  6. All individuals performing asbestos analysis are trained to OSHA's specifications.

  7. Samples that require Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) microscopy analysis are subcontracted to one of two NVLAP accredited subcontractors laboratories.

Participation With Other Independent Laboratories

Planet Protection Services as a minimum, exchanges asbestos slides with other independent laboratories every quarter.  The slides exchanged are typical of the participating laboratories respective workloads.  The results are analyzed by appropriate statistical methodology.  Any problems are investigated.  This program is important to statistically determine inter-laboratory precision (SR).  The following laboratories are presently participating in the program.

Applied Laboratory Services, Norfolk, Virginia


Environmental Hazards Services, L.L.C., Richmond, Virginia




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